Flight Reviews

Flight Reviews

One-Stop Review Prep!

When you’re ready to look for a flight reviewer on Vancouver Island and take the final step to become an Advanced Operations Canadian Drone Pilot, sign up for this best-in-class course from Coastal Drone Co.

The $250 + GST fee includes 15 review lessons and your in-person Flight Review; if you’re on Southern Vancouver Island, please book your review with me.

Flight reviews on Vancouver Island can cost $250 – $350 just for the review, so this is excellent value!

About this course

  • $250.00 + GST
  • 15 lessons
  • Paperwork Prep
  • Access to our National Reviewer Network
  • In-Person Review Fee Pre-Paid

Flight Review Introduction

  • What to Expect from This Course
  • What to Expect in a Flight Review

Flight Review Preparation

  • How to Prepare
  • Flight Review Tips
  • Tips and Pet Peeves from Flight Reviewers

Flight Review Resources

  • Flight Review Candidate Checklist – Canadians and Permanent Residents
  • Flight Review Candidate Checklist – Foreign Pilots
  • Flight Review Candidate Guide
  • Mock Site Survey Situations
  • Aircraft Flight Manual Download Links
  • Flight Reviewer’s Guide (TP15395)
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations – Part 9
  • Ready to book your review? Watch this video! 

More Coastal Drone Co. Courses

 This training is the best you can get!

Get the most out of flying your sub-250g micro drone. Learn the rules and best practices to keep you safe and out of trouble!

* We earn commision on sales of these courses to offset project costs. As a TC Certified Flight Reviewer, Adrian Fletcher is affiliated with Coastal Drone Co. Please support us!

Online, on-demand drone ground school and exam prep courses for the Canadian Basic Pilot Certificate

This bundle is perfect for those starting into the drone industry who need the Advanced Pilot Certificate. The online training will prepare you for the Transport Canada written exam and equip you with foundational information for safe flights!

The course package includes your in-person flight review for advanced certification.

This bundle is everything you need to become a professional drone pilot, plus advanced industry courses in video, photography, inspections, and mapping and geomatics. Take a look…

  • 20 Hours of Advanced ONLINE Groundschool
  • Transport Canada Advanced Exam Sample Test Questions
  • Standard Operating Procedures Guide
  • One Hour of In-Person Flight Training
  • Flight Review Prep Course
  • Pre-Paid In-Person Flight Review Bookable Across Canada
  • Pro Photo & Video Online Course
  • Pro Inspections Online Course
  • Pro Mapping and Geomatics Online Course
  • PLUS 12 Months Free Access to the Coastal Online Community

Get The Best Canadian Training Bundle!

These 8 professional drone courses would cost you almost $2000 if purchased individually. This package price saves you just over $400!