Commercial Site Monitoring

Progress / Inventory Tracking

We offer reliable solutions for municipal yards and construction sites. Drone maps and structure inspection photos give you a snapshot for inventory and insurance purposes in the event of flood, fire, vandalism, theft or earthquake.

Industrial and construction site mapping example

Drone mapping flight route example for a 44 acre industrial site. This mission would be executed at 150′ and capture 1050 photos with a ‘ground sampling distance’ (resolution) of 1.25 cm per pixel.


Prices include all mapping flights with inspection photo sets, all image processing, and PDF report writing.

up to 1 acre $495
1 – 10 acre $595
10 – 40 acre $695
40 – 100 acre $795

Book a mapping flight below, or contact us through the homepage form to discuss your requirements. We collect a 10% deposit to secure your booking, and add BC Ferry fees for Gulf Islands visits.

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  • A high resolution orthomosaic image of your site, with ground rulers for accurate measuring of all horizontal surfaces.
  • A set of detail photos of all roof gutters, roof vents, solar panels and any noted areas of visible concern throughout the site, such as missing tiles, debris, shingle damage, flashing problems, cracked concrete or caulking, bank erosion, etc.
  • Inspection photo sets for towers, silos, chimneys, power lines, cranes, etc.
  • A full report in PDF format with instructions on how to open the orthomosaic property map in Goole Earth Pro© and use the measuring tools.

PLEASE NOTE: this does not replace a legal survey and should not be used to represent real estate. Verify all measurements that are important to you!

We use the drones’ high resolution cameras to take a series of images which are merged to produce an ‘orthomosaic map’ of your entire site.

This enables you to make accurate horizontal measurements of buildings, structures, perimeter fences, etc., as well as give you the ability to count all uncovered on-the-ground inventory and equipment.

Additionally, the areas of material piles, groups of trees, ponds, etc can be measured. All of the distance and area measuring can be achieved easily using Google Earth Pro© tools – we give you full instructions on how to use them.