107 Micro Drone Training

Flying High: Micro Drone Course for Neurodiverse Students

Flying High is an 8-session specialized course designed to provide neurodiverse individuals with the skills and confidence to safely operate micro drones in Canadian airspace. Through interactive sessions and tailored learning techniques, students learn the fundamentals of drone flight, safety protocols, and strategies to overcome challenges commonly faced by neurodiverse individuals in learning new skills.

Flying High aims to foster inclusivity, empowerment, and skills development in a safe and supportive environment.

This course is offered to organizations operating suitable programs with a safe outdoor flying area. We provide on-site training for up to 6 students for $1350 for the complete 12 hour course.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Introduction and Safety Protocols

  • Welcome and course overview
  • Understanding micro drones: types, components, controls
  • Safety protocols and best practices for drone operation
  • Pre-flight checklist and risk assessment
  • Demonstration: Taking off and landing using checklists


Unit 2: Regulations and Best Practices

  • Overview of Transport Canada guidelines for drone operation
  • Understanding airspace classifications and safety precautions
  • Environmental factors affecting drone flight
  • Interactive discussion: Ethical and responsible flying
  • Demonstration: Basic flight maneuvers and RC controls


Unit 3: Basic Flight Techniques

  • Review of basic flight operations: takeoff, landing, hovering
  • Stick operations for ‘square in the air’ maneuvers
  • Hands-on practice: Controlled flight exercises
  • Individualized coaching and support for skill development


Unit 4: Intermediate Flight Techniques

  • Review of takeoff, landing, hovering and ‘square in the air’ flight
  • Other flight techniques: circles and ‘figure eights’
  • Hands-on practice: Controlled flight exercises
  • Individual coaching and support for skill development


Unit 5: Intermediate Flight Techniques

  • Review of previous learned maneuvers
  • Precision flying, maneuvering around obstacles, POI stick control
  • Hands-on practice: Controlled flight exercises
  • Individual coaching and support for skill development


Unit 6: Aerial Photography and Videography

  • Introduction to aerial photography and videography concepts
  • Choosing the right camera settings for capturing quality footage
  • Composition techniques for capturing stunning aerial shots
  • Hands-on practice: Capturing still images and video footage
  • Editing basics: Enhancing and editing footage in Da Vinci Resolve


Unit 7: Build Confidence & Overcome Challenges

  • Understanding and managing anxiety related to drone flying
  • Strategies for building confidence and resilience
  • Overcoming sensory sensitivities and environmental factors
  • Group talk: Sharing experiences and supporting one another
  • Role-playing exercises: Handling unexpected in-flight situations


Unit 8: Flight Assessment and Graduation

  • Final assessment: Demonstrate proficiency in drone operation
  • Individualized feedback and performance review
  • Graduation ceremony: Awarding certificates of completion
  • Reflection and goal setting: Next steps in drone flying journey
  • Celebration and group photo session
  • Closing remarks and course wrap-up

One Track Additional Resources

  • Study Materials
    • Course handbook and reference materials
    • Access to online resources and practice exams
  • Instructor Support
    • Availability for one-on-one support sessions
    • Continuous feedback and guidance throughout the course

Note: This course is designed for individuals interested in flying micro drones for recreational or personal purposes, as no licensing is required for micro drone pilots in Canada. Students will receive guidance on safe and responsible drone operation in line with Transport Canada guidelines.

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