Residential Insurance Maps

More Than a Roof Inspection

This is a property mapping service for insurance inventory purposes in the event of natural disasters such as floods, wildfires and earthquakes. You’ll get a detailed, accurate and up-to-date aerial image of your property as well as a principal roof inspection report, at a much higher resolution than Google Maps offers; take a look at this slider…

Compare these 3 images to see the detail we can capture.

#1 – Our ortho map          #2 & 3 – From Apple and Google 

Private residences, commercial rental properties, municipalities, farms, horse boarding stables, vineyards, orchards, landscapers – this service works for everyone who needs a current visual record of what’s on their property.


Prices are based on the area you want us to map, which would usually be your lot area:

up to 0.5 acre $245
0.5 to 2.5 acres $275
2.5 to 10 acres $345
10 acres + POA

Book a Mapping Flight below, or contact us to discuss your requirements. We collect a 10% deposit to secure your booking, and add BC Ferry fees at cost for Gulf Islands visits.

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  • A high-resolution orthomosaic map of your property that enables you to take accurate, horizontal measurements of visible features, and can be vital for insurance inventory purposes.
  • A map of your principal roof, showing lengths and areas of each face, along with detail photos of stacks, vents, chimneys, gutters and skylights.

PLEASE NOTE: this service is not a legal survey and should not be used to represent real estate. Verify all measurements that are important to you!

During the Mapping Flights, the drone’s high resolution camera takes a set of photos that are stitched together later to make what’s called an orthomosaic map of your entire property, enabling you to accurately measure horizontal lengths of buildings, structures and fences, as well as areas of landscape features such as a group of trees, a pond and even a paddock or field.

The map can also be viewed in Google Earth Pro©, where you can measure features to a higher degree of accuracy using the built-in tools. Rest assured, we’ll show you how to get at all the information!

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